Copyright 2007 by John Blankenbaker

A search via Google disclosed there were more than 12,000 references to Kenbak-1. I have attempted to distill a few of the better ones which have good documentation and photographs.


The first one is the American Computer Museum in Bozeman, Montana. If you are ever there, this is a must see. In particular, I draw your attention to the 2005 Honorees.


The following comes from the Computer Museum of Boston, now closed, but has been picked up by people interested in computer history. In particular, I direct your attention to the timeline for 1971.


Erik Klein, who could not have been very old when the first Kenbak-1 was built, has an extensive collection of vintage computers. His pages which deal with the Kenbak-1 have the coding sheet, stories, and lots of photos, some of which are very detailed.


The Computer Museum of Nova Scotia has seven Kenbak-1 computers! There are some good photos including some of the rear of the computer.


Ed Thelen has good collection of historical documents and photos including some of the people in the early computing game.


The “bitsavers” have lots of text including copies of the Kenbak-1 manuals.


Another view of the coding sheet with lots of photographs, some very detailed.


Grant Stockly is advertising reproduction Kenbak-1 computers. He seems to be doing careful work and I have assisted him in this effort.